How to Find the Right REALTOR for YOU!

February 7, 2024

“Floor plans are the most important photo of all the photos in your MLS listing.”


Here’s why floorplans are important: The real estate market in our mountain community differs from other areas. Our Buyers generally come from out of town and rely heavily on listing information before deciding to come to town to tour properties. In many cases, they will even make an offer on a property sight unseen. It is your REALTOR’s job to market your home in a manner that makes it attractive enough for Buyers to want to come to town. Floorplans are a major part of that.

First, if you are thinking of selling, plan to interview at least 3 REALTORS. If you need help finding REALTORs to interview, start here:

1. Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties

2. Summit Association of Realtors


Or, send me an email at and I’ll be happy to help you find the right REALTOR for you.

When you do meet with a REALTOR, ask all the questions that are important to you, but also consider adding these into the mix:

1. Are you located in Summit County? Do you live here full-time?

 As I said earlier, real estate is different in Summit County. We don’t have many FHA or VA approved complexes or condos. Almost every real estate transaction includes an HOA, which can be complicated & have fees associated with ownership transfer. We have different taxing districts and transfer taxes which are triggered by ownership transfer. Some areas have city water and sewer. Others have septic (OSWT) and wells (which is a whole different can of worms!) A local REALTOR will be plugged into the nuances of different areas, and will be able to guide you through most obstacles. I can’t tell you how many deals have failed because the Listing Agent didn’t know the OSWT would have to be cleaned & inspected prior to transfer of ownership and so didn’t include it as a Buyer expense in the contract (meaning the Seller had to absorb the expense); or that a Short-Term-Rental license wouldn’t transfer to a new owner, or…or…or. Just don’t take the chance. Make sure the REALTOR you choose actually LIVES in Summit County.

2. Will the marketing of my home include:


∙professional photos

∙Matterport/3D tour

∙drone photos

∙property video or lifestyle video

All of the above are absolute expectations of listings in Summit County. Our Buyers generally come from out of the area, and are looking to find their real estate purchase online. It’s not unusual for a purchase offer to be made before the Buyer has ever stepped foot inside the property. In order for a Buyer to feel comfortable making an offer sight unseen, they want to see as much about the property as possible. Floorplans, drone photos/videos, 3D tours all allow a Buyer to get a real feel for the property. And if they’re seeing those items in all the other listings they’re looking at, but not seeing it in yours, well…let’s just say that your property will likely go to the bottom of the list.

3. Do you have any specialized training or certifications? (RENE: Real Estate Negotiation Expert, RSPS: Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist) How recent are the certifications?

All Colorado real estate broker associates are required to meet a minimum of Continuing Education classes every year in order to maintain our license. However, there are many brokers who will far exceed that minimum, regularly enhancing their knowledge and education in order to better serve their clients. Specialized designations (Real Estate Negotiation Expert, for example) require additional education, certifications and somewhat-regular testing in order to maintain the designation. They also show an investment in the success of each client’s real estate transaction. BUT, if the certifications are not renewed or tested on a regular basis, the knowledge can become stale and outdated, and that can be just as dangerous as a lack of knowledge.

These are just three simple questions that will help you start down the right path to finding the REALTOR that is right for you. If you need additional assistance finding the right REALTOR for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I have a nationwide network of REALTORS, so I’m sure I can put you in touch with the RIGHT agent – even if you’re not looking in Summit County.