Cleaning Up Our World #3PIECES of Trash at a Time

October 21, 2022

Clean Me Up Buttercup Antelope Canyon BKCCleaning Up Our World – #3Pieces of Trash at a Time

#3PIECES @CleanMeUpButtercup @The.Mountain.Lifestyle

“Take a picture of yourself using one of the bags, however you use them. Show us your creative ideas of promoting the cause. Post your pics on social media. If you tag @CleanMeUpButtercup or @The.Mountain.Lifestyle, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free t-shirt.”

How many times have you been out on a trail, or lake, or river and seen trash laying around? Maybe it made you sad, or maybe you thought (like me), “Man, I want to pick up that trash, but I don’t have anything to put it in.” This was happening to me a LOT. I mean, WAY too often. Everywhere I went, I found trash littering our National & State lands, creeks, rivers, trails, camping areas; everywhere! Rather than just getting mad at people who don’t understand how to pick up after themselves (I would be mad ALL the time, right?!), I decided to DO something about it. I started carrying garbage bags with me wherever I went. But that wasn’t really a solution either. I mean, how much trash can ONE person pick up? And the plastic trash bags I was using would eventually just permanently contribute to the growth of our landfills – not a great solution.

BUT! What if it weren’t just me? And what if people could have easy access to recyclable bags that wouldn’t contribute to landfills? Bags they could carry with them everywhere they went? *light bulb*

That’s when the idea for “#3Pieces” and “Clean Me Up, Buttercup” hit me. The idea is simple: if each person could just pick up #3Pieces of trash – whenever, wherever – Earth would begin to have a fighting chance of becoming cleaner and healthier.

I want to start a grassroots movement. Let’s DO something!! And I’m making it simple and easy to start! I created a few different types of bags that are free to you if you’re willing to participate:

  1. Canvas tote bag. Made from recycled drop cloths & other recycled materials. This bag can be used as a tote (I use mine for swim gear when I go to the pool), or for groceries (it’s machine washable), or anything else you can think of!
  2. Washable Tote Bag. Made from 100% recycled materials, this bag is perfect for groceries (it’s machine washable) or just picking up trash.
  3. Cotton Book Bag-sized tote. Again, made from recycled materials. Use this for carrying books, or smaller items, promoting the cause.
  4. Paper Tote Bags (small & large) made from recycled paper. These made great gift bags, trash bags, grocery bags, etc. They are not washable, but are sturdy and reusable.

Be creative in how you use the bags. Maybe you want to promote the cause or show your support. Maybe you want to package a gift in the Paper Tote Bag – instead of purchasing a non-recycled gift bag. The gift will look nice while also promoting the cause. How about keeping a Washable Tote Bag folded up tightly in your backpack, so you can pick up trash when you’re hiking on the trail? The ways to contribute are limited only by your imagination!

Want a bag? Drop me an email at: Put “SEND ME A BAG” in the subject line. OR, DM me on Instagram (@CleanMeUpButtercup or @The.Mountain.Lifestyle). Let me know your mailing address, and which bag(s) you would like. As we roll out this campaign, our quantities are still limited, so please only request bags that you know you will use.

Questions? Email me, or DM on IG. We really want to hear your stories about Cleaning Up Our World, #3Pieces at a Time!!